Love and care for your cookers

Your cooker works hard for you. All of the time. Sometimes It deserves a little care and attention!

Range cookers are complicated and somewhat temperamental. Everyday wear and tear reduces efficiency, and when your oven is not working properly it will cost you time and money.

To keep your cooker safe, happy and in perfect working order you need a qualified specialist. There is no substitute for experience in the business of caring for your cooker, and certainly no room for compromise or corner cutting.

About Mike Burgess

I have been working on range cookers for more than 28 years, Including 12 years’ employment with Aga Rayburn. I started my independent servicing, installation and renovation business in 2001.

I have completed manufacturer training with Aga Rayburn, Alpha, Stanley and Redfyre, and I keep up to date with the latest developments in cooker technology.

I have full public liability insurance and registration with Gas Safe (register number 195164) and Oftec (register number C1785).

My service is friendly, flexible and reliable with a fair approach to pricing and no hidden charges. Contact me for a chat about your requirements or to arrange a home visit with no obligation. I work throughout Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.


I work on most brands and models of range cookers including Rayburn, Alpha, Stanley, Heritage Cookers and Redfyre.

Regular servicing is recommended for all types of range cookers. The cast iron body of your oven is designed to last a lifetime, but there are many parts and internal components requiring attention to avoid rust, seal-leaks and other failures. Early prevention, detection and repair will certainly save you money and stress, as well as ensuring that your oven runs at optimal efficiency. I can also arrange ongoing maintenance plans and will let you know in good time when your next service is due.

I provide a full installation service for Agas and other heat storage ovens.

If your trusty oven is looking a bit tired or worn out, you don’t need to replace it with an expensive new model. I can make it look like new Again without any fuss or inconvenience with a clean and tidy renovation and refurbishment. This service is surprisingly cost effective and all the work is done on site.

Many oven parts are prone to degradation through normal use over time. Most parts can be replaced including towel rails, top plates, lids and doors etc. I can also replace front plate enamels if you just feel like a change of colour!

Moving home and want to take your cooker with you? Or planning a new kitchen? I can dismantle, move and reinstall your cooker with minimum fuss and inconvenience.

An annual service makes sure that your boiler runs safely and efficiently, protects Against breakdown and helps you to avoid costly repairs. If you have a new boiler, an annual service may also be a requirement of your warranty. I offer full boiler servicing for most makes and models. Please note that this is not a stand-alone service and is carried out during the same visit for oven servicing.

Converting your cooker to electric power

There are several advantages to converting your Aga to run on electricity. In general, electric ovens are more cost efficient, more environmentally friendly and not subject to fossil fuel price insecurity. An Electric oven is easier to control wth more flexibility (especially with a timer) and has lower maintenance requirements. It is also easier to move and reinstall as no flue is needed.

I offer two types of electric conversions:

1) 13 amp electric Aga conversion – this operates just like a regular gas or oil Aga and can run for 24 hours each day. A 13 amp electric Aga is controlled by a thermostat or a timer.

2) Total control conversion – this option gives the greatest flexibility, allowing independent control of the oven and two hot plates via separate thermostats.

Please note that electric conversion is not possible for all cookers. A site survey may be required for both conversion options.

Installation Checklist

Careful preparation is necessary to make sure that your new Aga is installed with the least amount of disruption and delay. These checklists are general guides for understanding the process – each installation is different.

1) A prepared level site is necessary – ideally a purpose made concrete plinth (a 50mm/5cm concrete plinth will raise your Aga to 900mm/90cm). Alternatively a plinth kit can be purchased.

2) A gas supply is required to the left or right hand side of the Aga. If it is a power flue Aga or AIMS gas Aga then a 3amp electricity supply is required to the left or right hand side.

3) If the Aga is a conventional flue Aga connecting into an existing chimney, a stainless steel flue liner must be fitted into the existing brick chimney. Alternatively, a purpose made flue can be built if it is an outside wall. Balance flue or power flue Agas do not require chimneys.

1) A prepared level site is necessary – ideally a purpose made concrete plinth (a 50mm/5cm concrete plinth will raise your Aga to 900mm/90cm). Alternatively a plinth kit can be purchased.

2) Oil line to be run left or right hand side of Aga.

3) An external fire valve of 65 degrees Celsius must be fitted to the oil line at the point of entry to the building.

4) If the Aga is being fitted to brick chimney, a 5 inch stainless steel flue liner must be installed. A purpose made chimney can be fitted.

5) All oil Agas require an air vent.

1) A prepared level site is necessary – ideally a purpose made concrete plinth (a 50mm/5cm concrete plinth will raise your Aga to 900mm/90cm). Alternatively a plinth kit can be purchased.

2) A 13 amp fuse spur is required to the left or right hand side of the Aga.

3) No flue is required, although a small vent pipe may be necessary depending on the location of the Agas.


  • Oil Aga cookers – servicing every 6 months is recommended.
  • Gas Aga cookers – servicing every 12 months is recommended.
  • Electric Aga cookers – servicing every 3–5 years is recommended.​

​Services for all Aga types usually last for 1.5–2 hours (depending on the length of previous service intervals).

Please make sure that your oven is cold. Turning it off 24 hours before the service is due is usually sufficient.


  • Gas burners are removed, cleaned and full serviced, including replacement thermocouples
  • Gas pressures are checked


  • Burners are removed and thoroughly cleaned
  • New wicks are fitted
  • The Aga is vacuumed and cleaned internally
  • All flue ways and flue gaskets are checked
  • Oil control valves are cleaned and flow rates are checked


  • General maintenance checks for wear and tear
  • Electric cables and connections are thoroughly checked and tested

Please refer to the checklists below.

No. All home visits and quotes are free, with absolutely no obligation or follow up sales calls.

For your peace of mind, all of my work is guaranteed for 30 days and most of the parts I fit come with a one year warranty.

I use genuine manufacturer approved parts whenever possible for each job.

Yes. An Aga provides constant heat during normal operation, which may be too much in the Summer months! If you do turn off your Aga, try applying a light coating of olive oil to the hot plates and castings inside the oven. This is a great way to prevent surface rust forming.

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